Do you know the cleaning method of felt

Wool fiber has a natural stain resistance, but if accidentally contaminated with dirt, please use a semi-dry towel for treatment, so as not to leave traces.
Do not use warm, hot water or bleach to clean stains on wool products.
If you need to knead, please be sure to gently, so as not to damage the fiber quality.
If there is hair ball on the surface due to friction, it can be trimmed off directly with small scissors, and the appearance of wool felt will not be affected.
When collecting, please wash it clean, dry it completely, and then seal it.
Wash with cold water when washing.
Do not use chemical mixtures such as bleaching powder for bleaching.
Choose only a neutral lotion labeled pure wool and free of bleach.
Try to use hand washing, do not use a washing machine, so as not to destroy the appearance.
Cleaning with light pressure, the dirty part also only need to gently scrub, do not scrub with a brush.
Use shampoo and moisten the way to wash, can reduce the phenomenon of pilling.

Cleaning method of felt:

1. Wash in cold water.
Wash the felt with cold water, as hot water tends to break the structure of the proteins in the wool, leading to changes in the knife shape of the felt.
In addition, before soaking and washing, paper towels can be used to absorb the grease on the surface of the wool to facilitate cleaning.

2. Hand washing.
The felt must be washed by hand, do not use the washing machine to wash, so as not to damage the surface shape of the felt, affecting the appearance of the felt.

3. Choose the right detergent.
The felt is made of wool, so detergent containing bleach can not be used. Please choose a special detergent for wool.

4. When cleaning the felt, do not rub it hard. After soaking, you can press it by hand.
If the area is dirty, you can use some detergent.
Don’t brush it.

5. After cleaning the felt, it is not allowed to wring out the water.
The water can be removed by squeezing, and the felt is hung in an ventilated area to dry.
Don’t expose it to the sun.

6, linen products should not be separated from chemical fiber and felt washing.
Washing should be appropriate to add some shampoo and moisturizing agent, can effectively reduce the phenomenon of felt pilling.

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