The future development trend of felt industry

Certainly felt as the world’s largest producer of cotton and chemical fiber producer, China has built the largest and most complete system of textile industry, textile industry related industry high-speed development, the basic measures measures continuously complete, in particular, China has a population of one billion three hundred million continue to expand and the promotion of domestic demand market, and not for a long time the social management of the environment and the open policy.

To this end, Du Yuzhou, president of China Textile Industry Association, firmly believes that these internal prerequisites are not only conducive to China’s textile industry to undertake the transfer of international industrial structure, but also conducive to accelerating the innovation capacity of the industry through transnational allocation efficiency.In the international competition intensifies, the low added value produces the premise that the profit space Narrows day by day

But at the same time, Du Yuzhou also exaggerated that China’s textile industry to complete the new historical mission, does face a lot of challenges.Internationally, China’s textile industry is facing more fierce competition, and the focus of competition has gradually improved to the innovative level of the new challenge of improving the production capacity of predecessors in transnational production mode.At home, the implementation of the scientific concept of development is facing greater constraints on extensive development.Exchange rate, interest rate, tax rate adjustment and energy conservation and emission reduction
Cooperation between industrial chains will replace vicious internal competition, and competition over brands will replace price wars.Innovation and rapid response as the main industrial competition upper hand.
In addition, trade associations will play an increasingly important role.

Fifth, industry integration is the inevitable trend, group, centralization, intensive development is the inevitable direction.After a sufficient competition, the enterprise in order to better adapt to the environment to survive, must be active to joint, through annexation reorganization or a strategic partnership to build large groups, realize the fund, production capacity, technology, manpower, complementary customer resource sharing, realize large-scale operation and industrialization production, market competition, with a complete industrial chain as a wholePut to good use thereby the integral upper hand of industry, at present this one trend already shows an inkling at the beginning.

There’s been a decline.China’s cashmere industry resources and processing advantages are currently any country in the world are difficult to compare and replace.The personage inside course of study thinks, henceforth the share of our country cashmere product on the international market will further progress.Enterprises can develop their own brands by acquiring foreign famous brands or setting up their own brand stores.

Post time: Jul-22-2021

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